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The PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+ are the owned by the PAR-Q+ Collaboration, which also holds the copyright on both measures and related resources.

Development Information

The PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+ were formulated, designed, and written by a team of investigators from the PAR-Q+ Collaboration. A working group of the PAR-Q+ Collaboration (i.e., Dr. Darren Warburton, Dr. Norman Gledhill, Dr. Veronica Jamnik, and Dr. Shannon Bredin) is tasked with creating and updating the PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+ with ongoing feedback from members of the PAR-Q+ Collaboration and international authorities. The PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+ were created using the AGREE process relying on evidence-based best practice recommendations emanating from recent systematic reviews of the literature, evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, and current research practice. The PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+ are continually undergoing testing and refinement in various international collaborations.

The PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+ are currently administered by the PAR-Q+ Collaboration.


The owner presents the PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+, the translated versions, and any accompanying information as an educational service to participant, clinical, and research end users. While these forms are used in pre-participation screening, these documents are not medical advice. Those seeking specific medical advice or assistance should contact a physician.

Although the owner believes this information to be accurate and timely, because of the rapid advances in exercise and medical research we make no warranty or guarantee concerning the accuracy or reliability of the content at this site or other sites to which we link.

By accessing the PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+ and translated versions, the User agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  • The User agrees that the PAR-Q+ Collaboration, their research partners and any employees, consultants, officers, directors or agents of their respective organizations, will not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages that result in any way by his/her use, or that of his/her employer, insurer, patient, or care provider, of the information discussed.
  • The User will make no claim nor take or continue any action or proceeding against the owner for contribution, indemnity, or reimbursement whether under the provisions of any statute, regulation, common law or Quebec Civil Code.

Use of PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+ (and related forms)

  • Use of the PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+ (and related forms), without charge, including the use of the translated versions of the PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+ (and related forms) on this website, is limited to participants, exercise professionals, and clinicians using them for pre-participation screening, to researchers using them only for non-commercially related research, and to other not-for-profit users.
  • The instruments may not be sold or incorporated into a product to be sold, without the expressed written approval/consent of the PAR-Q+ Collaboration.
  • The instruments may not under any circumstances, be changed in any way as even minor changes may alter performance.
  • Any other use requires advance written permission from the PAR-Q+ Collaboration and requires strict compliance with all conditions attached to such permission.
  • Those who wish to use a translated version of the PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+ (and related forms) may wish also to notify the translator as provided on the PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+ website.
  • Copyright of the PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+ (and related forms) are the sole property of the PAR-Q+ Collaboration, which reserves all rights in connection therewith. Users must give credit to the developers when using or referencing any related PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+ form. If using a translated version of the PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+ (and related forms), translators should also be acknowledged.

Policy for External Hyperlinks to the PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+ Website

The PAR-Q+ Collaboration receives numerous requests from organizations to put hyperlinks on their website directing users to the PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+ website.

These requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with the following criteria:

  • The organization has some broad aspect of exercise, research, and health in their mandate.
  • The organization requesting the web-link is non-profit.
  • A for-profit organization making this request must have EITHER a commercial user licence issued by the PAR-Q+ Collaboration and the web-link is a condition stated within the issued licence OR must have initiated the process to receive a commercial user licence and the web-link has been requested.
  • The hyperlink will be directly to the PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+ website.
  • The PAR-Q+ Collaboration will not be held responsible for the content or practices of third-party web sites that may be linked to its PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+ website.
  • The linking to the PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+ website does not imply the PAR-Q+ Collaboration or guarantee of any of the organizations or information (including the right to display such information) found on their respective websites.

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